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Small business owners are heroes.warriors.leaders.EXTRAORDINARY.

Small business owners are heroes.warriors.leaders.EXTRAORDINARY.

Why the #extraordinarysmallbusinesschallenge?

Why the #extraordinarysmall

We are launching this challenge because we want to SHOW UP for the small business community.  For those business owners who have sacrificed so much to serve the community.  For the small businesses that make each of our communities weird and wonderful. Because these small business owners are our friends, our neighbors, our family members.  Because these small business owners have donated to the local sports team, and the annual fundraiser, and hosted events for those who needed it.


Because small businesses equal PEOPLE.  Because small businesses equal RELATIONSHIPS.

Because we will NOT JUST SIT HERE while small businesses struggle during this difficult time.

How It Works



How It Works

Step 1: Post a picture or pictures of your favorite small business on social media. In the caption, tell us what this small business means to you. Is it a relationship you’ve developed with your stylist? The friends you’ve made at the coffee shop? The restaurant owner who supported your daughter’s little league team? The gym owner who helped you lose all the weight? Tell us about the WHO behind that small business and what they mean to you.

Step 2: Tag away! Tag us, @extraordinarysmallbusiness, so we can feature you. Tag the business. Tag your friends. Make sure people KNOW this story.

Step 3: Nominate 5 friends to take the #extraordinarysmallbusinesschallenge

Step 4: Scroll down and tell us how you have supported a small business (optional).

Challenge Report

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  • Amount you spent at a small business:
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